[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Executes some JavaScript synchronously in the main frame of the page, and returns a result.

Namespace: Awesomium.Core
Assembly: Awesomium.Core (in Awesomium.Core.dll) Version: (


JSValue ExecuteJavascriptWithResult(
	string script
Visual Basic
Function ExecuteJavascriptWithResult ( _
	script As String _
) As JSValue
Visual C++
JSValue ExecuteJavascriptWithResult(
	String^ script


Type: System..::..String
The string of JavaScript to execute.

Return Value

Returns the result (if any). Any JSObject returned from this method will be a remote proxy for an object contained within the view's process. If this call fails, the returned JSValue will have an Undefined type. (see IsUndefined). You can check GetLastError()()()() for more information about the failure.


System..::..InvalidOperationException The member is called on an invalid view. (See: IsLive)

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