[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

The WebControlDialogLayer type exposes the following members.


Protected propertyData
Gets the dialog's data provided to the Open<(Of <<'(T>)>>)(T) method, or null (Nothing in Visual Basic) if the dialog is not active.
Public propertyHasCancelButton
Gets if a Cancel button is displayed in the dialog.
Public propertyHasOKButton
Gets if an OK button is displayed in the dialog.
Public propertyImageColumnWidth
Gets the fixed width of the dialogs left column, which hosts the dialogs image. The default is 80px.
Public propertyImageSource
Gets or sets the image displayed in the dialog.
Public propertyIsActive
Gets if the layer is currently active and visible.
Public propertyIsContentVisual
Gets if the specified Content should be treated as visual content, or as a data provider only. The default is false which means that the content will be treated as a data provider, visualized using the ContentTemplate.
(Inherited from WebControlLayer.)
Public propertyMessage
Gets or sets the main message displayed by the dialog.
Public propertyParentControl
Gets the parent WebControl the layer belongs to.
(Inherited from WebControlLayer.)
Public propertyStatic memberRespond
Routed command assigned to the dialog's buttons.

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