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The WebControl type exposes the following members.


Public eventAddressChanged
Occurs when the page URL has changed, usually after navigation to a new URL has started.
Public eventCertificateError
Occurs when an SSL certificate error is encountered while attempting to navigate to a new address.
Public eventConsoleMessage
Occurs when a message is added to the console on the page. This is usually the result of a JavaScript error being encountered on a page.
Public eventCrashed
Occurs when this view's process crashes.
Public eventCreateSurface
Occurs when an ISurface is requested by the view. Usually, every time the size of the view changes. You should return your own ISurface implementation here.
Public eventCreatingInspectorView
Occurs right after a call to either WebCore.CreateInspectorView or IWebView.CreateInspectorView and before the Inspector View is created. This allows inspected views set initialization parameters for the Inspector View.
Public eventCursorChanged
Occurs when the cursor has changed. This is is usually the result of hovering over different content.
Public eventDocumentReady
Occurs when the DOM has finished parsing and the window object is available for JavaScript execution.
Public eventFocusChanged
Occurs when the focused element changes on the page. This is usually the result of text-box being focused or some other user-interaction event.
Public eventInitializeView
Occurs when the underlying web-view of a WebControlis about to be instantiated and wrapped or, for child views created in response to a ShowCreatedWebView, the native view assigned to the NativeView property of a WebControl, is about to be wrapped.
Public eventJavascriptMessage
Public eventJavascriptRequest
Occurs when a JavaScript client sends a management request through OSMJIF (such as minimize(Multiple), maximize(Multiple) etc.).
Public eventLoadingFrame
Occurs when the page begins loading a frame.
Public eventLoadingFrameComplete
Occurs when the page finishes loading a frame.
Public eventLoadingFrameFailed
Occurs when a frame fails to load. See ErrorDescription for additional information.
Public eventLoginRequest
Occurs when the page needs authentication from the user (for example, Basic HTTP Auth, NTLM Auth, etc.).
Public eventNativeViewInitialized
Occurs when the native underlying web-view of a WebControl, has been initialized.
Public eventPrintComplete
Occurs when a PrintToFile(String, PrintConfig) operation, completes successfully.
Public eventPrintFailed
Occurs when PrintToFile(String, PrintConfig) fails. Typically because of bad printer configuration or invalid output path (see PrintToFile(String, PrintConfig)).
Public eventPrinting
Occurs when a printing operation has started.
Public eventPrintRequest
Occurs when the page requests to print itself. (Usually the result of window.print() being called from JavaScript.) It is your responsibility to print the view to a file and handle the actual device printing.
Public eventProcessCreated
Occurs when the child rendering process for this view, has been spawned.
Public eventPropertyChanged
Raised when the value of a property of this class, has changed.
Public eventResponsiveChanged
Occurs when this view's process hangs, or becomes responsive after a hang. Use IsResponsive or IsResponsive to check the current state of the process.
Public eventSelectionChanged
Occurs when the selection in the current page, changes.
Public eventSelectionComplete
Occurs when selecting content in the current page, completes.
Public eventSelectLocalFiles
Occurs when the page requests to display a file chooser dialog. This is usually the result of a user clicking on an HTML input element with type='file'.
Public eventShowContextMenu
Occurs when the page requests to display a context menu. This is usually the result of a user right-clicking on an element or plugin in the page.
Public eventCode exampleShowCreatedWebView
Occurs when an IWebView creates a new child web-view instance (usually the result of window.open or an external link).
Public eventShowJavascriptDialog
Occurs when a JavaScript call that requires the creation of a modal dialog, is called.
Public eventShowPageInfo
Occurs in response to a RequestPageInfo call, requesting for the page's security related information.
Public eventShowPopupMenu
Occurs when the page requests to display a drop-down (popup) menu. This is usually the result of a user clicking on a select HTML input element.
Public eventTargetURLChanged
Occurs when the target URL has changed. This is usually the result of hovering over a link on a page.
Public eventTitleChanged
Occurs when the current page title has changed.
Public eventToggleFullscreen
Occurs asynchronously when JavaScript code in the page requests fullscreen mode for a particular element, using WebKit  Fullscreen API.
Public eventToolTipChanged
Occurs when the tooltip text has changed.
Public eventWindowClose
Occurs when Javascript in the page calls window.close.
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