Awesomium.Windows.Controls NamespaceAwesomium.NET 1.7.6Awesomium.NET
Includes the WPF WebControl and utilities for developing WPF applications using Awesomium.

Public classBooleanToCollapsedConverter
Represents a converter that converts a trueBoolean value, into Collapsed and false value to Visible
Public classDispatcherTimerUpdateAttribute
Assign this to an executing assembly that hosts Awesomium WPF components, to tell Awesomium to use a WPF DispatcherTimer instead of a system timer for automatic WebCore updating.
Public classDownloadItem
Extends the DownloadItem.
Public classFileSizeConverter
Represents a converter that converts an Int64 representing the size of a file in bytes, into a formatted readable string.
Public classImageSurface
Represents an ISurface that renders the pixel buffer of a IWebView, to an Image. You can then draw this image to a Image, or assign it to an ImageBrush.
Public classOppositeConverter
Represents a converter that converts a trueBoolean value to false and false value to true.
Public classUrlConverter
Represents a converter that converts a Uri representing a URL address, into a readable string and vice versa.
Public classUtilities
Utility class providing helper methods that can be used by WPF applications.
Public classCode exampleWebControl
Represents a WPF control that wraps an Awesomium web view. You can use it to embed Awesomium directly in your WPF application without any additional work.
Public classWebControlCommands
Defines routed commands that are common to a WebControl.
Public classWebControlContextMenu
Predefined stylable context menu used by WebControl.
Public classWebControlService
Represents a service that provides properties and events to control the display and behavior of WebControl features.
Public classCode exampleWebDialogsLayer
Represents a decoration layer used to display predefined dialogs (such as JavaScript and Login dialogs).
Public classWebPageInfoControl
Represents a WPF control that displays information about the web page currently loaded in an IWebView instance.
Public classWebPageInfoPopup
Represents a WPF popup that displays information about the web page currently loaded in an IWebView instance.
Public classWebPopupMenu
Predefined stylable drop-down (popup) menu used by the WebControl in response to ShowPopupMenu.
Public classWebPopupMenuBase
Abstract base class of WebPopupMenu.
Public classWebSessionProvider
Represents a WPF WebSession provider, that you can use as binding source for WebSession in XAML.
Public classWebViewHost
Represents a WPF host of a windowed IWebView instance.
Public classWebViewPresenter
Represents a WPF ISurface that can be used with WPF visual elements to render the pixel buffer of an IWebView instance.

Public enumerationWebDialogsStyle
Identifies the visual style of dialogs.