CoreShutdownEventArgs.Exception Property
CoreShutdownEventArgsException Property Awesomium.NET 1.7.6Awesomium.NET
Gets the unhandled exception that causes the WebCore to shutdown. This is null (Nothing in Visual Basic) if the core is shutting down in response to a normal Shutdown command.

Namespace: Awesomium.Core
Assembly: Awesomium.Core (in Awesomium.Core.dll) Version:

public Exception Exception { get; }

Property Value

Type: Exception

The WebCore can shut down when an exception during the core's update cycle, was unhandled by user code. This will subsequently fire ShuttingDown, before the core destroys all resources (active views and sessions) and shuts down. When this is the reason for a shut down, Exception exposes the exception that causes the core to shut down.
Caution note Caution
Do not cancel the shutdown before you carefully investigate the exception and any inner exceptions. Report the details of the exception to:
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