IWebViewIsSourceView Property Awesomium.NET 1.7.6Awesomium.NET
Gets if this is a source view that displays the source of loaded pages.

Namespace: Awesomium.Core
Assembly: Awesomium.Core (in Awesomium.Core.dll) Version:

bool IsSourceView { get; }

Property Value

Type: Boolean

The following table presents how to create managed web-view components that display the source code of loaded pages:
Component Method
WebView Use CreateSourceWebView(Int32, Int32).
WebControl (WPF)
WebControl (Windows Forms)
WebUIComponent (Unity)
The IsSourceView property is implemented as read-write property on these controls. You have to set the property before the control goes live (see IsLive).


  • Set the property at design-time.
- OR -
  • Handle the InitializeView event, the last fired before the control goes live, to set the property.
Note Note
You cannot change this property on technology specific web-view controls, once they go live (see IsLive).
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