JavascriptMessageEventArgsIsSynchronous Property Awesomium.NET 1.7.6Awesomium.NET
Gets if the handler is called synchronously.

Namespace: Awesomium.Core
Assembly: Awesomium.Core (in Awesomium.Core.dll) Version:

public bool IsSynchronous { get; }

Property Value

Type: Boolean

This is true if a JavascriptMessage event is the result of a sendMessage(String, Any) call and false if the event is the result of a sendMessageAsync(String, Function, Any) call.

If this is false, you can still return a response to JavaScript clients through the Result property. The result will be passed to the callback function specified by the JavaScript caller as the second parameter to a sendMessageAsync(String, Function, Any) call.

Caution note Caution
When JavascriptMessage is called synchronously, the view process is blocked until the handler returns. Therefore, you cannot make synchronous invocations from inside a synchronous JavascriptMessageEventHandler, as this would cause a deadlock.
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