IResourceRequest PropertiesAwesomium.NET 1.7.6Awesomium.NET

The IResourceRequest type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCount
Gets the number of upload elements (essentially, batches of POST data).
Public propertyElement
Gets a certain upload element.
Public propertyExtraHeaders Obsolete.
This property is obsolete and will be removed in following releases of Awesomium.NET. Please use the Headers property instead.
Public propertyHeaders
Gets a read-only collection of name/value pairs that make up the HTTP headers.
Public propertyIsWindowOpen
Gets if this is the first request sent by a new view that is the result of JavaScript
Public propertyMethod
Gets the HTTP method (usually "GET" or "POST")
Public propertyProcessId
Gets the process identifier where this request originated from. This corresponds to ProcessId
Public propertyReferrer
Gets the referrer.
Public propertyUrl
Gets the URL associated with this request.
Public propertyViewId
Gets the unique identifier of the view where this request originated from. This corresponds to Identifier.
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