JavascriptRequestEventArgs ClassAwesomium.NET 1.7.6Awesomium.NET
Provides data for a JavascriptRequest event fired upon requests issued by JavaScript clients through OSMJIF.
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Namespace: Awesomium.Core
Assembly: Awesomium.Core (in Awesomium.Core.dll) Version:

public class JavascriptRequestEventArgs : UrlEventArgs

The JavascriptRequestEventArgs type exposes the following members.


Public propertyEventName
Gets the name of the IWebView event.
(Inherited from WebViewEventArgs.)
Public propertyEventType
Gets a WebViewEventType value identifying the IWebView event.
(Inherited from WebViewEventArgs.)
Public propertyHandled
Gets or sets if an application has been accepted and processed the request.
Public propertyHasErrors
Gets if the URI provided by the event, is not a well formed URI.
(Inherited from UrlEventArgs.)
Public propertyOriginalString
Gets the original URI string provided by the event.
(Inherited from UrlEventArgs.)
Public propertyRequest
The management request sent by the JavaScript client.
Public propertyRequestToken
A token passed by the JavaScript client that can be used for a secure authentication of the request.
Public propertyUrl
Gets a Uri instance representing the URL of the web page.
(Inherited from UrlEventArgs.)

Note Note
Applications handling JavascriptRequest, must explicitly set Handled to true to let JavaScript clients know that the request has been accepted and processed.
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