WebControl ClassAwesomium.NET 1.7.6Awesomium.NET
Represents a WPF control that wraps an Awesomium web view. You can use it to embed Awesomium directly in your WPF application without any additional work.
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Namespace: Awesomium.Windows.Controls
Assembly: Awesomium.Windows.Controls (in Awesomium.Windows.Controls.dll) Version:

public class WebControl : Control, IWebViewListener, 
	IWebViewInternal, IWebView, IServiceProvider, ISynchronizeInvoke, IDisposable

The WebControl type exposes the following members.


Public methodWebControl
Creates and initializes an instance of WebControl and its underlying web view.

Public methodCanGoBack
Gets if we can go back in history.
Public methodCanGoForward
Gets if we can go forward in history.
Public methodCopy
Performs a 'copy' operation using the system clipboard.
Public methodCopyHTML
Copies the HTML content currently selected in this view, to the system clipboard.
Public methodCopyImageAt
Attempt to copy an image on the page, to the system clipboard. This is meant to be used with ShowContextMenu.
Public methodCopyLinkAddress
Copies the target URL of the link currently under the cursor.
Public methodCreateGlobalJavascriptObject
Create a global JavaScript object that will persist between all loaded pages, for the lifetime of this IWebView instance.
Public methodCreateInspectorView(Boolean)
Requests the creation of a special Developer Tools Inspector View, that inspects the web contents of this view.
Public methodCreateInspectorView(WebSession, Boolean)
Requests the creation of a special Developer Tools Inspector View, that inspects the web contents of this view.
Public methodCreateJavascriptExecutionContext(JavascriptExecutionContextMethod)
Creates an asynchronous Javascript Execution Context and executes the method associated with it.
Public methodCreateJavascriptExecutionContextT(JavascriptExecutionContextMethodT, T)
Creates an asynchronous Javascript Execution Context and executes the method associated with it.
Public methodCut
Performs a 'cut' operation using the system clipboard.
Public methodDispose
Destroys and removes this web view control. Any call to members of this control after calling this method, will cause a InvalidOperationException.
Public methodExecuteJavascript(String)
Executes some JavaScript asynchronously in the main frame of the page.
Public methodExecuteJavascript(String, String)
Executes some JavaScript asynchronously on the page.
Public methodExecuteJavascriptWithResult(String)
Executes some JavaScript synchronously in the main frame of the page, and returns a result.
Public methodExecuteJavascriptWithResult(String, String)
Executes some JavaScript synchronously on the page, and returns a result.
Protected methodFinalize (Overrides ObjectFinalize.)
Protected methodFocusView
Notifies the current page that it has gained focus.
Public methodGetInspectorView
Gets the Developer Tools Inspector view currently inspecting this view, if any.
Public methodGetLastError
Check if an error occurred during the last synchronous Javascript interoperation call.
Public methodGetService
Gets the service object of the specified type.
Public methodGoBack
Navigates one step backwards in history.
Public methodGoForward
Navigates one step forward in history.
Public methodGoToHistoryOffset
Navigates back/forward in history via a relative offset.
Public methodGoToHome
Navigates to the Home URL as defined in HomeURL.
Protected methodInjectKeyboardEvent
Injects a keyboard event.
Protected methodInjectMouseDown
Injects a mouse-down event.
Protected methodInjectMouseMove
Injects a mouse-move event in local coordinates.
Protected methodInjectMouseUp
Injects a mouse-up event.
Protected methodInjectMouseWheel
Injects a mouse-wheel event.
Protected methodInjectTouchEvent
Injects a multi-touch event.
Public methodLoadHTML
Loads a string of HTML into the view asynchronously.
Protected methodOnAddressChanged
Triggers the AddressChanged event.
Public methodOnApplyTemplate
When overridden in a derived class, is invoked whenever application code or internal processes call ApplyTemplate.
(Overrides FrameworkElementOnApplyTemplate.)
Protected methodOnCertificateError
Triggers the CertificateError event.
Protected methodOnConsoleMessage
Triggers the ConsoleMessage event.
Protected methodOnCrashed
Triggers the Crashed event.
Protected methodOnCreateAutomationPeer
Returns class-specific AutomationPeer implementations for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) infrastructure.
(Overrides UIElementOnCreateAutomationPeer.)
Protected methodOnCreateSurface
Triggers the CreateSurface event.
Protected methodOnCreatingInspectorView
Triggers the CreatingInspectorView event.
Protected methodOnCursorChanged
Triggers the CursorChanged event.
Protected methodOnDocumentReady
Triggers the DocumentReady event.
Protected methodOnFocusChanged
Triggers the FocusChanged event.
Protected methodOnGotFocus
Invoked whenever an unhandled GotFocus event reaches this element in its route.
(Overrides FrameworkElementOnGotFocus(RoutedEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnGotKeyboardFocus
Invoked when an unhandled GotKeyboardFocus attached event reaches an element in its route that is derived from this class. Implement this method to add class handling for this event.
(Overrides UIElementOnGotKeyboardFocus(KeyboardFocusChangedEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnInitializeView
Triggers the InitializeView event.
Protected methodOnIsEnabledChanged
Maintains the relationship between the control's enabled status and internal asynchronous rendering (see IsRendering).
Protected methodOnJavascriptMessage
Triggers the JavascriptMessage event.
Protected methodOnJavascriptRequest
Triggers the JavascriptRequest event.
Protected methodOnLoadingFrame
Triggers the LoadingFrame event.
Protected methodOnLoadingFrameComplete
Triggers the LoadingFrameComplete event.
Protected methodOnLoadingFrameFailed
Triggers the LoadingFrameFailed event.
Protected methodOnLoginRequest
Triggers the LoginRequest event.
Protected methodOnNativeViewInitialized
Triggers the NativeViewInitialized event.
Protected methodOnPrintComplete
Triggers the PrintComplete event.
Protected methodOnPrintFailed
Triggers the PrintFailed event.
Protected methodOnPrinting
Triggers the Printing event.
Protected methodOnPrintRequest
Triggers the PrintRequest event.
Protected methodOnProcessCreated
Triggers the ProcessCreated event.
Protected methodOnResponsiveChanged
Triggers the ResponsiveChanged event.
Protected methodOnSelectionChanged
Triggers the SelectionChanged event.
Protected methodOnSelectionComplete
Triggers the SelectionComplete event.
Protected methodOnSelectLocalFiles
Triggers the SelectLocalFiles event.
Protected methodOnShowContextMenu
Triggers the ShowContextMenu event.
Protected methodOnShowCreatedWebView
Triggers the ShowCreatedWebView event.
Protected methodOnShowJavascriptDialog
Triggers the ShowJavascriptDialog event.
Protected methodOnShowPageInfo
Triggers the ShowPageInfo event.
Protected methodOnShowPopupMenu
Triggers the ShowPopupMenu event.
Protected methodOnTargetURLChanged
Triggers the TargetURLChanged event.
Protected methodOnTitleChanged
Triggers the TitleChanged event.
Protected methodOnToggleFullscreen
Triggers the ToggleFullscreen event.
Protected methodOnToolTipChanged
Triggers the ToolTipChanged event.
Protected methodOnWindowClose
Triggers the WindowClose event.
Public methodPaste
Performs a 'paste' operation using the system clipboard.
Public methodPasteAndMatchStyle
Performs a 'paste' operation using the system clipboard while attempting to preserve any styles of the original text.
Public methodPrintToFile
Prints this IWebView instance to a PDF file, asynchronously. You should generally use this method in response to a PrintRequest event.
Public methodRedo
Redo the last 'edit' operation. (Similar to CTRL+Y).
Public methodReduceMemoryUsage
Forces V8 to release as much memory as possible (collects garbage, dumps cached structures, etc) and also clears WebKit cache. This helps to reduce memory accumulated within the process associated with this view.
Public methodReload
Reloads the current page.
Public methodRequestPageInfo
Issues a request for the currently loaded page's security info. Information will be retrieved through the ShowPageInfo event.
Public methodResetZoom
Resets the zoom level for the currently loaded host.
Public methodSaveImageAt
Attempt to download an image at the specified coordinates in the page. This is meant to be used with ShowContextMenu.
Public methodSelectAll
Performs a 'select all' operation.
Public methodStop
Stops the current navigation.
Public methodUndo
Undo the last 'edit' operation. (Similar to CTRL+Z).
Protected methodUnfocusView
Notifies the current page that it has lost focus.
Public methodZoomIn
Zooms into the page by 20%.
Public methodZoomOut
Zooms out the page by 20%.

Public fieldStatic memberAdjustToDpiProperty
Identifies the AdjustToDpi dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberCreationTimeProperty
Identifies the CreationTime dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberCurrentCertificateErrorProperty
Identifies the CurrentCertificateError dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberCurrentNetErrorProperty
Identifies the CurrentNetError dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberCustomErrorPageProperty
Identifies the CustomErrorPage dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberFocusedElementTypeProperty
Identifies the FocusedElementType dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberHasCertificateErrorProperty
Identifies the HasCertificateError dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberHasInspectorViewProperty
Identifies the HasInspectorView dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberHasNetErrorProperty
Identifies the HasNetError dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberHasSelectionProperty
Identifies the HasSelection dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberHasTargetURLProperty
Identifies the HasTargetURL dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberHasTitleProperty
Identifies the HasTitle dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberHTMLProperty
Identifies the HTML dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIdentifierProperty
Identifies the Identifier dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsCrashedProperty
Identifies the IsCrashed dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsDisposedProperty
Identifies the IsDisposed dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsDocumentReadyProperty
Identifies the IsDocumentReady dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsFullscreenProperty
Identifies the IsFullscreen dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsInspectorViewProperty
Identifies the IsInspectorView dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsJavascriptEnabledProperty
Identifies the IsJavascriptEnabled dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsLiveProperty
Identifies the IsLive dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsLoadingProperty
Identifies the IsLoading dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsNavigatingProperty
Identifies the IsNavigating dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsPrintingProperty
Identifies the IsPrinting dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsProcessCreatedProperty
Identifies the IsProcessCreated dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsRenderingProperty
Identifies the IsRendering dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsResponsiveProperty
Identifies the IsResponsive dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsSourceViewProperty
Identifies the IsSourceView dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsStandardDpiProperty
Identifies the IsStandardDpi dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsTransparentProperty
Identifies the IsTransparent dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberLatestContextDataProperty
Identifies the LatestContextData dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberNativeViewProperty
Identifies the NativeView dependency property.
Protected fieldStatic memberNativeWindowProperty
Identifies the NativeWindow dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberNavigationInfoProperty
Identifies the NavigationInfo dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberParentViewProperty
Identifies the ParentView dependency property.
Protected fieldStatic memberParentWindowProperty
Identifies the ParentWindow dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberPresenterPart
The name of the element representing the IWebViewPresenter, in the control's template.
Protected fieldStatic memberPresenterProperty
Identifies the Presenter dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberProcessHandleProperty
Identifies the ProcessHandle dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberProcessIdProperty
Identifies the ProcessId dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberProcessInputProperty
Identifies the ProcessInput dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberRenderProcessProperty
Identifies the RenderProcess dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberSelectionProperty
Identifies the Selection dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberSourceProperty
Identifies the Source dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberSurfaceProperty
Identifies the Surface dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberSynchronousMessageTimeoutProperty
Identifies the SynchronousMessageTimeout dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberTargetURLProperty
Identifies the TargetURL dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberTerminationStatusProperty
Identifies the TerminationStatus dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberTitleProperty
Identifies the Title dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberToolTipTextProperty
Identifies the ToolTipText dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberViewTypeProperty
Identifies the ViewType dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberWebSessionProperty
Identifies the WebSession dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberZoomProperty
Identifies the Zoom dependency property.

Public propertyAdjustToDpi
Gets or sets if the rendered content and user input coordinates should be adjusted to changes in the current device's DPI setting.
Public propertyStatic memberCode exampleContextMenuImageItemsArrayRecourceKey
Gets the resource key for an array of items in the context menu of a WebControl, that are visible when you right-click on an image in a page.
Public propertyStatic memberCode exampleContextMenuInputItemsArrayRecourceKey
Gets the resource key for an array of items in the context menu of a WebControl, that are visible when the control has keyboard focus.
Public propertyStatic memberCode exampleContextMenuLinkItemsArrayRecourceKey
Gets the resource key for an array of items in the context menu of a WebControl, that are visible when you right-click on a link in a page.
Public propertyStatic memberCode exampleContextMenuPageItemsArrayRecourceKey
Gets the resource key for an array of items in the context menu of a WebControl, that are visible when you right-click on a page that has no selection and no keyboard focus.
Public propertyStatic memberContextMenuResourceKey
Gets the resource key for the context menu of a WebControl.
Public propertyStatic memberCode exampleContextMenuSelectionItemsArrayRecourceKey
Gets the resource key for an array of items in the context menu of a WebControl, that are visible when a range of content in the page is currently selected.
Public propertyStatic memberCode exampleContextMenuSourceItemsArrayRecourceKey
Gets the resource key for an array of items in the context menu, when IsSourceView is true.
Public propertyCreationTime
Indicates the date and time this IWebView instance was created. If the view has not been successfully initialized, this is MinValue.
Public propertyCurrentCertificateError
Gets the SSL certificate error (if any) reported for the page currently loaded. The default is None.
Public propertyCurrentNetError
Gets the network error (if any) reported for the page currently loaded. The default is OK.
Public propertyCustomErrorPage
Gets or sets the custom error page to load when a main frame has failed loading.
Public propertyFocusedElementType
Gets the type of the element currently focused in the loaded page.
Public propertyHasCertificateError
Gets if the page currently loaded has an SSL certificate error.
Public propertyHasInspectorView
Gets if this IWebView instance has an associated Developer Tools Inspector view currently active or pending wrapping.
Public propertyHasNetError
Gets if the main frame of the current page has failed to load with a network error.
Public propertyHasSelection
Gets if the user has selected content in the current page.
Public propertyHasTargetURL
Gets if the view is currently indicating a target URL, usually as a result of hovering over a link on the page.
Public propertyHasTitle
Gets if the currently loaded web-page has a title.
Public propertyHTML
Gets the HTML code of the currently loaded document.
Public propertyIdentifier
Gets a unique global identifier for this IWebView instance.
Public propertyStatic memberCode exampleInspectorWebSessionProviderResourceKey
Gets the resource key for a WebSessionProvider resource that will be used with new Inspector Views, created when the CreateInspectorView command is executed.
Public propertyIsCrashed
Gets if the process of this IWebView instance, has crashed.
Public propertyIsDisposed
Gets if this IWebView wrapper and its underlying web-view, have been disposed.
Public propertyIsDocumentReady
Gets if the DOM (Document Object Model) for the page being loaded, is ready.
Public propertyIsFullscreen
Gets if an element in the currently loaded document, is in fullscreen mode.
Public propertyIsInspectorView
Gets if this is a special Inspector View displaying the Developer Tools for another IWebView instance.
Public propertyIsJavascriptEnabled
Gets if Javascript is enabled on this IWebView instance.
Public propertyCode exampleIsLive
Gets if the native web-view, is alive.
Public propertyIsLoading
Gets if any page resources are currently being loaded.
Public propertyIsNavigating
Gets if the view is currently navigating to a Url.
Public propertyIsPrinting
Gets if a printing operation is currently in progress.
Public propertyIsProcessCreated
Indicates if the child rendering process for this view, has been spawned.
Public propertyIsRendering
Gets if internal asynchronous rendering is currently enabled.
Public propertyIsResponsive
Gets if the process of this IWebView instance, is currently responsive.
Public propertyIsSourceView
Gets if this is a source view that displays the source of loaded pages.
Public propertyIsStandardDpi
Gets if the system's DPI setting, is set to its default value (96x96 pixels/inch).
Public propertyIsTransparent
Gets or sets if pages should be rendered with transparency preserved (e.g., pages with style="background-color: transparent;")
Public propertyLatestContextData
Gets the latest web-view context data, usually updated by a right-click in page.
Public propertyNativeView
Gets or sets the handle to the underlying web-view instance.
Protected propertyNativeWindow
Gets the actual window handle that was created by this IWebView instance. This is only valid for windowed IWebView instances (see Window).
Public propertyNavigationInfo
Gets or sets the navigation info level.
Public propertyParentView
Gets the parent view (if any) of this IWebView instance.
Protected propertyParentWindow
Gets or sets the parent window for this IWebView instance. This is only valid for windowed IWebView instances (see Window), on the Windows platform.
Public propertyStatic memberPopupMenuResourceKey
Gets the resource key for the drop-down (popup) menu of a WebControl.
Protected propertyPresenter
Gets or sets an IWebView presentation control that will receive requests for UI related events.
Public propertyProcessHandle
Gets the handle for the corresponding child-process hosting this IWebView instance.
Public propertyProcessId
Gets the identifier for the corresponding child-process hosting this IWebView instance.
Public propertyProcessInput
Gets or sets the user input that should be processed by a technology specific WebControl. The default is All.
Public propertyRenderProcess
Gets the rendering process associated with this IWebView instance. This represents the executing awesomium_process or the one specified through ChildProcessPath at WebCore initialization.
Public propertyStatic memberCode exampleSadTabTemplateResourceKey
Gets the resource key for the ControlTemplate of the layer shown when a WebControl is crashed (see: IsCrashed), also known as sad tab.
Public propertySelection
Gets a Selection providing information about the current selection range.
Public propertySource
Gets or sets the URL currently presented by this IWebView instance.
Public propertySurface
Gets or sets the ISurface instance currently assigned to the view.
Public propertySynchronousMessageTimeout
Gets or sets the maximum amount of time (in milliseconds) to wait for a response from a synchronous IPC message dispatched to the view's renderer process. Default is 800 (ms). Set this to 0 to use no timeout.
Public propertyTargetURL
Gets the target URL indicated by the web-view, usually as a result of hovering over a link on the page.
Public propertyTerminationStatus
Gets the termination status of this IWebView instance.
Public propertyTitle
Gets the title of the page currently loaded.
Public propertyStatic memberToolTipResourceKey
Gets the resource key for the tool-tip of a WebControl.
Public propertyToolTipText
Gets the tool-tip text currently indicated by the web-view, usually as a result of hovering over elements in the page.
Public propertyViewType
Gets or sets the type of the underlying IWebView instance, this control wraps. The default value for the WPF WebControl, is Offscreen.
Public propertyWebSession
Gets the session associated with this IWebView instance.
Public propertyZoom
Gets or sets the Zoom percentage for the host currently loaded.

Public eventAddressChanged
Occurs when the page URL has changed, usually after navigation to a new URL has started.
Public eventCertificateError
Occurs when an SSL certificate error is encountered while attempting to navigate to a new address.
Public eventConsoleMessage
Occurs when a message is added to the console on the page. This is usually the result of a JavaScript error being encountered on a page.
Public eventCrashed
Occurs when this view's process crashes.
Public eventCreateSurface
Occurs when an ISurface is requested by the view. Usually, every time the size of the view changes. You should return your own ISurface implementation here.
Public eventCreatingInspectorView
Occurs right after a call to either WebCore.CreateInspectorView or IWebView.CreateInspectorView and before the Inspector View is created. This allows inspected views set initialization parameters for the Inspector View.
Public eventCursorChanged
Occurs when the cursor has changed. This is is usually the result of hovering over different content.
Public eventDisposed
Occurs when an instance of this class has been disposed.
Public eventDocumentReady
Occurs when the DOM has finished parsing and the window object is available for JavaScript execution.
Public eventFocusChanged
Occurs when the focused element changes on the page. This is usually the result of text-box being focused or some other user-interaction event.
Public eventInitializeView
Occurs when the underlying web-view of a WebControlis about to be instantiated and wrapped or, for child views created in response to a ShowCreatedWebView, the native view assigned to the NativeView property of a WebControl, is about to be wrapped.
Public eventJavascriptMessage
Public eventJavascriptRequest
Occurs when a JavaScript client sends a management request through OSMJIF (such as minimize(Multiple), maximize(Multiple) etc.).
Public eventLoadingFrame
Occurs when the page begins loading a frame.
Public eventLoadingFrameComplete
Occurs when the page finishes loading a frame.
Public eventLoadingFrameFailed
Occurs when a frame fails to load. See ErrorDescription for additional information.
Public eventLoginRequest
Occurs when the page needs authentication from the user (for example, Basic HTTP Auth, NTLM Auth, etc.).
Public eventNativeViewInitialized
Occurs when the native underlying web-view of a WebControl, has been initialized.
Public eventPrintComplete
Occurs when a PrintToFile(String, PrintConfig) operation, completes successfully.
Public eventPrintFailed
Occurs when PrintToFile(String, PrintConfig) fails. Typically because of bad printer configuration or invalid output path (see PrintToFile(String, PrintConfig)).
Public eventPrinting
Occurs when a printing operation has started.
Public eventPrintRequest
Occurs when the page requests to print itself. (Usually the result of window.print() being called from JavaScript.) It is your responsibility to print the view to a file and handle the actual device printing.
Public eventProcessCreated
Occurs when the child rendering process for this view, has been spawned.
Public eventResponsiveChanged
Occurs when this view's process hangs, or becomes responsive after a hang. Use IsResponsive or IsResponsive to check the current state of the process.
Public eventSelectionChanged
Occurs when the selection in the current page, changes.
Public eventSelectionComplete
Occurs when selecting content in the current page, completes.
Public eventSelectLocalFiles
Occurs when the page requests to display a file chooser dialog. This is usually the result of a user clicking on an HTML input element with type='file'.
Public eventShowContextMenu
Occurs when the page requests to display a context menu. This is usually the result of a user right-clicking on an element or plugin in the page.
Public eventCode exampleShowCreatedWebView
Occurs when an IWebView creates a new child web-view instance (usually the result of window.open or an external link).
Public eventShowJavascriptDialog
Occurs when a JavaScript call that requires the creation of a modal dialog, is called.
Public eventShowPageInfo
Occurs in response to a RequestPageInfo call, requesting for the page's security related information.
Public eventShowPopupMenu
Occurs when the page requests to display a drop-down (popup) menu. This is usually the result of a user clicking on a select HTML input element.
Public eventTargetURLChanged
Occurs when the target URL has changed. This is usually the result of hovering over a link on a page.
Public eventTitleChanged
Occurs when the current page title has changed.
Public eventToggleFullscreen
Occurs asynchronously when JavaScript code in the page requests fullscreen mode for a particular element, using WebKit  Fullscreen API.
Public eventToolTipChanged
Occurs when the tooltip text has changed.
Public eventWindowClose
Occurs when Javascript in the page calls window.close.

You can create an instance of this class by directly invoking the default constructor (either by dropping it in your designer surface, through XAML or from code). You do not need to explicitly create an instance of a web view through WebCore. WebControl takes care of this internally.

Note Note
Note that it is safe to use this control in a design environment for layout and configuration purposes. WebCore and the underlying web view are only instantiated during runtime.

The Role of the IsEnabled Property:

In addition to its regular meaning, the IsEnabled property indicates if internal asynchronous rendering of the underlying web-view, is currently enabled.
Note Note
All rendering in the underlying web-view is actually done asynchronously in a separate process and so the page is usually continuously rendering internally. Setting IsEnabled to false, will temporarily pause rendering.

The Role of the IsLive Property:

A WebControl is considered invalid when it is:
Caution note Caution
Developers should always check this property before calling IWebView members implemented by this WebControl. Trying to access the underlying web-view when it is not alive, can throw an InvalidOperationException.

For more details, refer to the documentation of this control's members.

Note Note
IsLive also returns false when the control is shown in a designer. The Awesomium WebCore and the underlying web-view, are only instantiated during runtime.

    Title="{Binding Title, ElementName=webControl}"
        <awe:WebSessionProvider x:Key="webSession" DataPath=".\Cache">
                SmoothScrolling="True" />

        <awe:UrlConverter x:Key="UrlConverter" />
                <RowDefinition Height="30"/>
                <RowDefinition />
                <RowDefinition Height="25" />
            <DockPanel LastChildFill="True">
                    Command="{x:Static NavigationCommands.BrowseBack}" 
                    CommandTarget="{Binding ElementName=webControl}"/>
                    Command="{x:Static NavigationCommands.BrowseForward}" 
                    CommandTarget="{Binding ElementName=webControl}"/>
                    Command="{x:Static NavigationCommands.Refresh}" 
                    CommandTarget="{Binding ElementName=webControl}"/>
                    Command="{x:Static NavigationCommands.BrowseHome}"
                    CommandTarget="{Binding ElementName=webControl}"/>
                    Text="{data:SourceBinding webControl}" />
                WebSession="{Binding Source={StaticResource webSession}}"
                Source="{Binding Source, ElementName=webWindow}"/>
                Text="{Binding TargetURL, ElementName=webControl, Converter={StaticResource UrlConverter}}"/>
Thread Safety

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.
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