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Hi there, welcome to the Awesomium.NET API docs!

Awesomium is the radical new way to build your app's font-end with web technologies.

Getting Started

If this is your first time exploring the API, we recommend starting with WebCore and IWebView.

Quick Sample

Here's a simple example of using the API to render a page once:

using ( webView = WebCore.CreateWebView( 800, 600 ) )
    webView.Source = new Uri( "http://www.google.com" );

    view.LoadingFrameComplete += ( s, e ) =>
        if ( !e.IsMainFrame )

        BitmapSurface surface = (BitmapSurface)view.Surface;
        surface.SaveToPNG( "result.png", true );


Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Forms

If you are interested in just adding a standalone Web-View to your WPF or Windows Forms application with minimal work, take a look at our WPF WebControl and Windows Forms WebControl.

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